Re: Quickcam VC and CUseeMe Help needed

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:19:27 -0600

Jason Williams wrote:

> On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, necmac wrote:
> > Help. I have got my cuseeme software newly downloaded, my camera
> > hardware hooked up, have reflector sites in the address book ...
> >
> > Now I have trouble getting into the reflector sites which do not permit
> > lurkers ... I don't want to lurk and have made sure my camera is on and
> > has a live picture. My settings must be wrong but I cannot figure out
> > how. I receive video poorly, video and audio together only extremely
> > sporadically and believe my video is not getting out. Any ideas?
> You didn't mention what version of CU-SeeMe you are using...From what I've
> been able to gather, the Quickcam VC only works with the White Pine
> version. (
> Then just make sure you enable sending before connecting to the reflector.

Also, don't forget to check your send/receive rates. If they are too high, you
will have troubles. Set them to a number that coincides with your modem's
speed, at the most, and no higher. I set mine lower, like around 25.--
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