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d.morel (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 14:44:25 -0500

hey there..
for the allow and config you just need to enter the area of your ip that
IS static.. in your case more then likely the command
allow-config 209.48.124:24 would do. Though some dial ups have greater
range in their modem pools. I quick call to tech support of your ISP
should answer that question for you.
The same of course can be used for allow...
For commands, they are all standard, and as such will be the same for
all your refmons, I presume they will be using telnet (or refmarshal
which is great!) And you do not use // to terminate a command as far as
I know, unless brian has written that into the enhanced reflector, I
have not used it in a while. If so I am sure streak will correct me
<g>Tthough I believe you use the // to end many of the entries in the
.cfg file, but not for allow and config entries...
Hope this helps,

I'm running a using Enhanced Reflector program ver.
1.07. There are a
couple of "quickie" config questions that I haven't
been able to figure
out and need help with.

In commands-specifically REFMON and ALLOW-the reference
is to an ip
address/mask. Since I and any other people I'd like to
help administer
the reflector have dynamic ip's, what do I use there.
Right now my ip is and my mask, as I understand it, is
Is there a wildcard or range that can be used? Also, as
I add refmon's,
do I use separate REFMON commands for each and is the
command terminated
by //?


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