Transmitting Sound--System Error
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 08:16:24 +0800

Upon activating Push To Talk and transmitting sound from the Power PC to
the PowerBook, Power PC crashes, showing a bomb with the following message:
"Sorry, a system error occurred. 'CU-SeeMe0.87b3 (PPC)' unimplemented trap"
No problem transmitting from the PowerBook to the Power PC, sound comes
through, albeit choppy. However, transmission from the Power PC to the
PowerBook was inaudible, although the window was highlighted, showing
transmission had taken place. After only twice trying to send audio,
activating Push To Talk, the system crashed. Restarted, reconnected and
tried again. Exact same scenario repeated.

Why is this happening? Any suggestions for fixing it or avoiding it? My
configurations as follows:

Power PC7200/90
96Mb RAM
MacOS 7.5.5
Open Transport 1.1.2
TCP/IP 1.1.2
MacTCP 2.0.6
CU-SeeMe 0.87b3 (using default settings)
Apple PlainTalk microphone
Connectrix Color QuickCam
GlobalVillage Teleport Platinum 28.8

PowerBook 3400c
80Mb RAM
MacOS 8.0
Open Transport 1.2
TCP/IP 1.2
MacTCP 2.0.6
CU-SeeMe 0.87b3 (using default settings)
Built-in Mic
Connectrix Color QuickCam
Apple MC218 Modem Card 33.6