Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP

Nitschke,Gene M (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 10:07:03 PST

I am new to the list so please no flames if this message has been
answered many times in the past.

Question 1:
I have researched the method of overcoming the "Dynamic IP address"
problem and believe the only answer is to log in on one line(to get
dynamically assigned IP address) and then:
a) phone other person (using second line) and tell them IP address so
we can direct connect.
b) Email or chat to the other person and tell them IP address.
c) meet at a specified time on a reflector.
d) See if ISP will give out (at a cost) a static IP address.
Now the real question: Is this correct?? Are there any other (read
cheaper or easier) solutions?

Question 2:
Is there any way to video conference (using CuSeeMe or other available
software) directly from phone to phone over POTS without using the
internet? I don't mind the long distance call if it includes the video.

Thanks in advance,