Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 23:47:01 +0800

Dear Gene, I'm also a newcomer to the list. I cannot answer you regarding
Phone to Phone (although I seem to remember seeing mention of it in the
ReadMe file accompanying the software), but I can direct you to a solution
for determining the other party's IP address without having to telephone
them or meet up over e-mail or chat. Check out Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe
Info Page at On his page there is a link
to Web Internet Location Service ( The
first time you log on, you will be prompted to type your name, e-mail
address and create a password. When you have submitted this info, you may
afterwards use the auto log-on and auto log-off links. Every time you and
the other party with whom you wish to conference connect on-line, direct
your browsers to the Web ILS site. There you can perform search for his/her
current IP address by typing in his/her e-mail address. Copy the address,
then go back to the CU-SeeMe application and paste it into the appropriate
field. Good luck.--Das Chan

>Question 1:
>I have researched the method of overcoming the "Dynamic IP address"
> problem and believe the only answer is to log in on one line(to get
> dynamically assigned IP address) and then:
> a) phone other person (using second line) and tell them IP address so
> we can direct connect.
> b) Email or chat to the other person and tell them IP address.
> c) meet at a specified time on a reflector.
> d) See if ISP will give out (at a cost) a static IP address.
>Now the real question: Is this correct?? Are there any other (read
> cheaper or easier) solutions?
>Question 2:
>Is there any way to video conference (using CuSeeMe or other available
> software) directly from phone to phone over POTS without using the
> internet? I don't mind the long distance call if it includes the video.
>Thanks in advance,