Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 11:25:38 -0500

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> Subject: Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP

> Question 1:
> I have researched the method of overcoming the "Dynamic IP address"
> problem and believe the only answer is to log in on one line(to get
> dynamically assigned IP address) and then:

> a) phone other person (using second line) and tell them IP address so
> we can direct connect.
> b) Email or chat to the other person and tell them IP address.
> c) meet at a specified time on a reflector.
> d) See if ISP will give out (at a cost) a static IP address.
> Now the real question: Is this correct?? Are there any other (read
> cheaper or easier) solutions?, i think thats the url, assigns u a static ip address
that is redirected to ur dynamic ip address, for free (at least the last
time i check it was free). for example:

if u set up ur static ip address to b:

this would b the cuseeme address u would give out.

each time u get a new ip address u would run after u run some sort of
script from ur computer or a cgi via their web page. ur friends would
then b able to connect to

ive never tried it but hopefully cuseeme doesnt complain when its info is
redirected initially. i just meet friends at a specified time on a
specified reflector or on a specified irc network.

i think there is also a 411 directory for cu but i dont know much about it.

there r various macintosh applescripts available somewhere on:

that r variants of the email solution. 1 i recall ftps ur address to a file
on ur web site, another updates ur finger file.

> Question 2:
> Is there any way to video conference (using CuSeeMe or other available
> software) directly from phone to phone over POTS without using the
> internet? I don't mind the long distance call if it includes the video.

(1) run a ppp server on 1 of the computers cuseeme is running on, or on a
computer (lan) connected to a telephone line.

mac, use viacom internet gateway

linux. i think comes with a ppp server (but i cant say for sure).

wintel i dont know. win95 dun comes with a dialup server but im not
sure if it allows u to
use tcp/ip. mayb wingate.

u can run use audio and video with this setup. i think it would work better
though if u dont run cuseeme on the same computer with the server (this
method howevr would require 3 computers--ur friends computer, a computer
running the ppp server and connected to the phone line as well as another
computer that is running cuseeme. its not absolutely necessary that u use 3
computers though. u can get away with 2).

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>