Re: Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP

Si Ballenger (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 13:03:18 -0500

> wintel i dont know. win95 dun comes with a dialup server but im not
>sure if it allows u to
> use tcp/ip. mayb wingate.

Here is some info from the netmeeting types on the net about the dialup
server. I think it is included with the latest dun 1.2.

Dial-up solutions are actually quite easy>
Get a copy of PLUS and install the dial-up server. Configure the server
with PPP option and set to auto-answer.
Assign an IP address to server dial-up adapter.
Both sides require an IP address -- you can use pretty much any bogus
address at the end points.
Call the modem with NM2.x
When the server asks for a login, hit ESC
The dial-up connection is ready to rock and roll.
Use NM2.x to place IP call to server, or server can place call to other
unit (all contingent on knowing addresses, of course)
We use this method with our Teleradiology solution all the time with great
PLUS is cheap, too.


John H. Thompson <> wrote in article
> Hi Matt:
> Your solution to dialing direct to a computer is interesting. Would you
> mind sending me a copy of the article as well?
> Thanks. John H.
> Matt Andres wrote in message ...
> >Jason, (& Steve and Sarah)
> >Not sure what this DUN1.2<b> is (?) But I use the DUN1.2 dialup server
> >TCP/IP for direct dialing and then NetMeeting with another computer
> >going through the Internet all the time.
> >
> >Basically, you setup your DUN Server and then the client with a dialup
> >connection. Both machines will also require preconfigured IP addresses.
> >initial call must be place and received using DUN. Then NetMeeting is
> opened
> >on both machines and a NM New Call is placed using the IP address of the
> >other machine and Network TCP/IP.
> >
> >That's about it . If you need more info send me an email requesting how
> >I'll send my article with the fine details on this <currently>
> >workaround". ;-)
> >
> >Good NetMeeting!
> >Matt Andres
> >
> >