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Sat, 7 Feb 98 22:25:15 PST

Dear Dan, Gene,

Two much hassle to find the IP in the method described by Dan.
There are two very simple and basic and popular directories to locate

1. Four11 ( directory - client included with White Pine CUSM.
2. ICQ from Israeli Mirabilis ( that has many options and
can find for your freinds, emails etc etc etc and connect you with them and
much much more...

Both are free.

About software for POTS - NetMeeting and VDOPhone and VideoLink support H324
POTS connection.

Ran Ganor

--- On Sat, 7 Feb 1998 23:47:01 +0800 wrote:
Dear Gene, I'm also a newcomer to the list. I cannot answer you regarding
Phone to Phone (although I seem to remember seeing mention of it in the
ReadMe file accompanying the software), but I can direct you to a solution
for determining the other party's IP address without having to telephone
them or meet up over e-mail or chat. Check out Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe
Info Page at On his page there is a link
to Web Internet Location Service ( The
first time you log on, you will be prompted to type your name, e-mail
address and create a password. When you have submitted this info, you may
afterwards use the auto log-on and auto log-off links. Every time you and
the other party with whom you wish to conference connect on-line, direct
your browsers to the Web ILS site. There you can perform search for his/her
current IP address by typing in his/her e-mail address. Copy the address,
then go back to the CU-SeeMe application and paste it into the appropriate
field. Good luck.--Das Chan

>Question 1:
>I have researched the method of overcoming the "Dynamic IP address"
> problem and believe the only answer is to log in on one line(to get
> dynamically assigned IP address) and then:
> a) phone other person (using second line) and tell them IP address
> we can direct connect.
> b) Email or chat to the other person and tell them IP address.
> c) meet at a specified time on a reflector.
> d) See if ISP will give out (at a cost) a static IP address.
>Now the real question: Is this correct?? Are there any other (read
> cheaper or easier) solutions?
>Question 2:
>Is there any way to video conference (using CuSeeMe or other available
> software) directly from phone to phone over POTS without using the
> internet? I don't mind the long distance call if it includes the video.
>Thanks in advance,

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