Re: Phone to phone and/or Dynamic IP

Jason Williams (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 16:45:14 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
>, i think thats the url, assigns u a static ip address
> that is redirected to ur dynamic ip address, for free (at least the last
> time i check it was free). for example:

Yep..Monolith is cool.and it long as it's up...I know a few
reflectors that sometimes changes IPs that use monolith.

> each time u get a new ip address u would run after u run some sort of
> script from ur computer or a cgi via their web page. ur friends would
> then b able to connect to

Actually, there are programs out for a lot of platforms that do this
automatically when you dial in to your ISP. So if you wanted to automate
it, you could.

> ive never tried it but hopefully cuseeme doesnt complain when its info is
> redirected initially. i just meet friends at a specified time on a
> specified reflector or on a specified irc network.

All Monolith does is setup an A record in the DNS server...If you have a
monolith address, grab the numerical IP address then do a reverse lookup
on it and it will return where the IP address comes from.

An example is the reflector I know which uses Monolith:
> host A
> host

CU doesn't care that it's a name for a dynamic IP.

> i think there is also a 411 directory for cu but i dont know much about it.

That's White Pine's solution...At least in the 2.1.X and 3.X versions.

> that r variants of the email solution. 1 i recall ftps ur address to a file
> on ur web site, another updates ur finger file.

I uses the "here" program which updated my .plan used for finger..but now
there are much more elegant solutions :)

> mac, use viacom internet gateway

Last I heard, CU-SeeMe didn't work with the Viacom proxy.

> use tcp/ip. mayb wingate.

I don't believe CU-SeeMe works with wingate either.

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