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Sun, 8 Feb 1998 00:19:23 -0500

U might wanna spend $500 or so and pay for the call
so long as the other side also has a $500 box !

there u willl find a way to connect up your own handle

like 'nitschke' and u will be found if ur on line or not.

At 02:02 AM 2/7/98 EST, wrote:
>date: fri, 6 feb 1998 10:07:03 pst
>from: "nitschke,gene m" <>
>subject: phone to phone and/or dynamic ip
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>i am new to the list so please no flames if this message has been
> answered many times in the past.
>question 1:
>i have researched the method of overcoming the "dynamic ip address"
> problem and believe the only answer is to log in on one line(to get
> dynamically assigned ip address) and then:
> a) phone other person (using second line) and tell them ip address so
> we can direct connect.
> b) email or chat to the other person and tell them ip address.
> c) meet at a specified time on a reflector.
> d) see if isp will give out (at a cost) a static ip address.
>now the real question: is this correct?? are there any other (read
> cheaper or easier) solutions?
>question 2:
>is there any way to video conference (using cuseeme or other available
> software) directly from phone to phone over pots without using the
> internet? i don't mind the long distance call if it includes the video.
>thanks in advance,
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