Re: NT, LINUX capture card drivers

Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 07:56:58 +0100

Jason Williams schrieb:
> The NT drivers for the Quickcam have always lagged behind...I don't eve=
> think Windows 3.1 drivers are out for it since it requires a hefty
> computer to begin with..but I don't know.
> BTW, I've heard lots of good things about the Winnov capture cards work=
> perfectly with NT...yet another reason to choose a capture card :)
In Spring 1997, when I decided to buy the Quickcam b/w, the major
advantage was that the NT drivers (for NT 3.5.1, still) *were* released,
and there *were* LINUX drivers available, in opposite to the Quickcam
color and COMPRO DCAM drivers.=20

So there are so many dcams and (older/cheap) capture cards out "just
with WIN3.1 and W95 drivers", no hardware specs (so You can=B4t expect th=
release of LINUX drivers ever).=20

So if You are interested in LINUX, check the capture card compatibility
list (on Your Linux CD set, there are "Howto-" documents, on my first CD
it is "z:\docu\howto\hardware, where all LINUX compatible hardware is
mentioned). This is the list of my of LINUX 2.0.32 (SUSE 5.1 edition),
November 1997:

20.3. Video capture boards / Frame Grabbers

=B7 Data Translation DT 2851 Frame Grabber

=B7 Data Translation 3155

=B7 Diamond DTV2000 (based on BT848)

=B7 Dipix XPG1000/FPG

=B7 Epix Silicon Video MUX series of video frame grabbing boards

=B7 FAST Screen Machine II

=B7 Hauppage Wincast TV PCI (based on BT848)

=B7 ImageNation Cortex I

=B7 ImageNation CX100

=B7 ImageNation PX500 (being worked on). Ask for current status

=B7 Imaging Technology Inc. IC-PCI frame grabber board

=B7 Matrox Meteor

=B7 Miro PCTV (based on BT848)

=B7 MuTech MV1000 PCI

=B7 Pro Movie Studio

=B7 Quanta WinVision B&W video capture card

=B7 Quickcam

=B7 Sensus 700

=B7 Smart Video Recorder III (based on BT848)

=B7 STB TV PCI Television Tuner (based on BT848)

=B7 Video Blaster, Rombo Media Pro+

=B7 VT1500 TV cards

So the Winnov capture cards are not *yet* on this list !!!!!

If You like, all owners of the cards mentioned above may tell our
mailing list which of these cards are compatible with the different
versions of CU-SEEME for WIN 3.1 / WIN95 / WIN-NT (with and without

Of course, the Quickcam mentioned above *is* compatible.

All about CU-SEEME, Iphones, refs and so on:

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