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Alvena Hyde (
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 14:08:34 -0500

Derald Grimwood wrote:
> Jim,
> Before you invest in any equipment. Check out the ISP services where you
> intend to go. I've heard horror stories about line quality, speed, and
> availability in other countries.

> >I am planning to settle down in Brazil and open a school here. I would like
> >to know what equipment I need to set up a CU-SEEME site and what kind of
> >sites require what kind of equipment.
> >
> >Can CU-SEEME run with video on a Toshiba 100MHz notebook with Snappy 3.0
> >connected to a video camera, or do I need to get a zoom video pcimia card,
> >or an old 386 DX and a $300 video card?
Also, remember that there may be differences in electrical voltages for
ALL may need converters, you MAY have to replace some
equipment, depending on the setting...I think the BEST you can expect to
do in most other countries is 56K, and that is probably not available
everywhere...Line quality is a whole other issue...

Alvena Hyde

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