Re: False dialog

Jason Williams (
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 17:31:33 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Michael Wakefield wrote:
> After a few successful connects, I am getting a "No Response" connection
> dialog on a frequent basis, which is sometimes followed by a successful
> connection to a reflector. This seems to go away if I quit, trash the
> prefs and start over, but not always. Also, the last connection
> sometimes spontaneously reconnects.

Bill Woodland has a nice dialog between him and Steve Edgar (author of the
Win95/NT version of CU from Cornell) about disconnecting from a reflector.
I believe that should help you out a bit (much more than I could). It's

Basically, the way I understand it...When you hit the disconnect button to
disconnect from a reflector, the client starts sending out disconnect
packets to the reflector. Since it uses UDP, there's no guarantee that
the packets will arrive to the reflector, so the reflector never knows to
STOP sending you packets. If you disconnect and reconnect quickly to
another reflector, you may still be receiving packets from the previous
connection (which explains why the reflector appears to connect to you).
As far as the "No Response", my guess is you didn't give it enough time to
disconnect..but I'm not really sure. You shouldn't have to trash your
prefs for it though..simply quitting and reloading should fix it (or
waiting 15-20 secs before connecting to another reflector). (This also
ties into chat dragging from one reflector to another).

The Cornell 0.92b2 version loads extremely quick for me (unlike the White
Pine 3.1 version) so usually if I want to make sure I don't drag chat or
have problems connecting but still want to connect somewhere immediately,
I quit CU and reload. Though that may not take care of buffered packets,
it's always worked for me.

Not sure how the Mac Cornell version handles disconnects though...That
article explains it much better than me :)

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