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I do my CU-SeeMe from Macintosh workstations so I can't be much help
with PC hardware issues. However, I do have some knowledge of setting up
video conferencing with Brazil.

The University of Michigan is trying to set up a video conferencing link
with a hospital and the American Chamber of Commerce offices in Brazil.
The telephone service providers in both locations have switched 56
digital service available and one location is willing to attempt ISDN,
if we coach them on how to set up their switch. We have decided to
pursue the digital service because of reports that v.34 modem connect
speeds maxed out at 21K. You can use your v.34 modem down there but
don't expect performance like you get in the US.

AT&T has a POP in most major cities and has some ability to extend
service to end users. I should be getting some feedback on that next
week. If you can send me a specific city, I might be able to hook you up
with a telco/ISP contact.

The AC power in Brazil varies with some locations having 110V, some 117V
and others 220V. The good news is that it's all 60 Hz. If you want
specific information this is a good reference.

The chart at that URL is a pretty good summary of foreign power
offerings. For more specific information, follow the "Geostats" link and
enter "Brazil".

Most US hardware should work okay in Brazil at 110V or 117V. Some US
equipment with switching power supplies will accept up to 220V or has a
120/230V selection switch on the supply.

US NTSC video equipment such as televisions, monitors, VCR's and
camcorders are incompatible with their Brazilian counterparts which
follow the PAL-M standard. I suggest you get a video capture card that
supports NTSC and PAL-M so it can interface with any US equipment you
take with you or the native Brazilian variety. The following URL
provides information on international television standards:

Good luck!

Derald Grimwood wrote:
> Jim,
> Before you invest in any equipment. Check out the ISP services where you
> intend to go. I've heard horror stories about line quality, speed, and
> availability in other countries.
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> From: James <>
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> Date: Saturday, February 07, 1998 4:11 PM
> >I am planning to settle down in Brazil and open a school here. I would like
> >to know what equipment I need to set up a CU-SEEME site and what kind of
> >sites require what kind of equipment.
> >
> >Can CU-SEEME run with video on a Toshiba 100MHz notebook with Snappy 3.0
> >connected to a video camera, or do I need to get a zoom video pcimia card,
> >or an old 386 DX and a $300 video card?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Jim Davidson
> >
> >

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