Re: determining dynamically assigned IP addresses
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 21:42:58 +0800

Check out Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe Info Page at On his page there is a link to Web
Internet Location Service ( The first time
you log on, you will be prompted to type your name, e-mail address and
create a password. When you have submitted this info, you may afterwards
use the auto log-on and auto log-off links. Every time you and the other
party with whom you wish to conference connect on-line, direct your
browsers to the Web ILS site. There you can perform search for his/her
current IP address by typing in his/her e-mail address. Copy the address,
then go back to the CU-SeeMe application and paste it into the appropriate
field. Works very well.--Das Chan

>From: "shimon kaufman" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: determining dynamically assigned IP addresses
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>i've just come onboard to cu-ceeme and it seems that it should be quite
>right now i have a very simple question:
>how can one determine the ip address of someone whose address is
>dynamically assigned by the isp?