re: False dialog

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:12:09 -0500

> From: Michael Wakefield <>
> To:
> Subject: False dialog

> I'm back after a long absence on this list. Wondering if anybody has
> come up with this "feature" in PPC 0.87b3:

> After a few successful connects, I am getting a "No Response" connection
> dialog on a frequent basis, which is sometimes followed by a successful
> connection to a reflector. This seems to go away if I quit, trash the
> prefs and start over, but not always. Also, the last connection
> sometimes spontaneously reconnects.

> Am using PPC 603e, w/OS8, OT 1.2, via PPP.

i get the same problem on a pci ppc, nubus ppc, 68k mac when i try to
connect to a reflector via a modem. it usually occurs on the 1st connection
attempt to a reflector (ie, prior to connecting to any reflector). i dont
recall the type of reflector (ie, cornell, wp, bg).

in addition in my menu bar i have a modem status bar that shows me the
modem activity. i usually wait about 30 seconds or less as the cornell read
me docs suggest (i think i read it in the docs) before connecting to
another reflector. and again, in some cases it will i will get the dialog.
in other cases i will not.

when i use a 68k mac or, a nubus ppc to connect to a reflector via ethernet
the problem never occurs with either ot or mactcp.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>