Re: dynamic ip's

Wayne Fisher (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:20:39 +0000

Also, ICQ 98 provides a great way to keep in touch with your friends
while online... a nice feature of ICQ is that you can obtain a friend's
IP while they are logged in (this can be done by highlighting the
person's name in the displayed panel. right clicking your mouse,
selecting "Info".... your friend's last known IP address (which is
transmitted to the ICQ server when you log in) is displayed in one of
the tabbed info boxes.

Hope this helps...

Check out for more info and free download.

- Wayne

Alvena Hyde wrote:
> There are a few ways to get the ip...I think there is a reflector
> somewhere where you can register. Also, you can download a free program
> like peoplelink or ichat, and send your buddy your ip. There are usually
> shareware programs that will tell you your ip, for the mac there is MacTCP
> watcher, don't know about the pc apps. Once you know YOUR ip, you can
> send it to your buddy via ichat or a paging program like that...the ichat
> and another one called ivisit will tell you when your buddy is
> online....saves on the phone calls.
> shimon kaufman wrote:
> > i've just come onboard to cu-ceeme and it seems that it should be quite
> > useful.
> >
> > right now i have a very simple question:
> > how can one determine the ip address of someone whose address is
> > dynamically assigned by the isp?
> >
> > thanx
> > shimon
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