Re: 8600/300

Alvena Hyde (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 10:08:38 -0500

Suggest the following and see if it works...
1. turn off virtual memory if you have not done so and re-boot, see if that
2. disable ram doubler and re-boot, see if that works.
3. disable as many sys extensions as possible, re-boot and see if that
4. You didn't say what system you are running, I have heard some reports of
problems with 8.1...if I had tried everything else, I would bump back to
8.0 and try that, if you have a 7.5.5 somewhere lying around on your hard
drive, you might even try that and see if it works...<grin>

I'm running 7.5.5 on my pm8500 and the only thing I have to do is be sure
virtual memory and ram doubler are off, however my fiance runs cu-seeme on
his 6200 with ram doubler on with no problems, I think the ram doubler
thing is specific either for the os or the computer or both. I'm using a
video cam, fiance is using quick you know if your video card is
the same as in the 8500? That might make a difference.....

Joe Cain wrote:

> Hi,
> I just got an 8600/300 and would like to know how to use it with a
> Vidio Camera for CU-SeeMe. The camera works with Apple Video Player, but
> with CU-SeeMe I can't get a picture.
> Thanks,
> Joe