Re: ip address problem

Brian Godette (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 12:48:47 -0700

At 08:56 PM 2/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
> Well I thank you for your response and I did follow up on that link
> and was unable to get anyway near the hopefully expected results.
> try #
> reboot and re-install RAS.
> 2.Also later removed ethernet with TCP/IP and reinstalled RAS.
> like what else could it do.
> 3.Anyway installed ethernet again, back to same problem.
> 4.same as try # 1.
> reinstalled ethernet then RAS.
> All the above(except #2.) and still same problem.
> Thanks anyway.
> Ben

Did you configure the IP address for the ethernet card and reboot before
installing RAS? There's two causes for it finding the "wrong" IP address.
One is your hostname is actually present in DNS or the HOSTS file, in which
case gethostbyname() will work and CU will use the IP address returned in
the host structure returned from that call, this can be fixed by editing
the HOSTS file before starting CU (pain in the ***, but what can you do...
nadda). Or two, the hostname isn't real so CU gets the default IP address
(several ways of doing this, one is issuing a bind() to INADDR_ANY and then
getsockname() to a socket), under 95/NT this happens to be the last
installed "interface" (aliased IP's included).