Every time I transmit audio, it crashes

Tue, 10 Feb 1998 13:22:27 +0800

CU-SeeMe 0.87b3 (using default settings) running on:

PPC 7200/90
RAM 96Mb
MacOS 8.0
Open Transport 1.2
MacPPP 2.5
Global Village Teleport Platinum 28.8
Apple PlainTalk mic
Connectix Color QuickCam (connected to printer port)

Earlier configuration used MacOS 7.5 with Open Transport 1.1.2 and MacPPP
2.5; upon activating PushToTalk, system error announced "unimplemented
trap." Since then, upgraded (clean installation) to OS8.0, re-installed
software, including CU-SeeMe. Upon establishing connection with other
conference participant, audio reception okay, video reception okay, chat
working fine, but as soon as I tried to transmit audio, the programme
suddenly quit without notice and the desktop menu exhibited Parkinson's
tremor. Restarted, got back on-line, reconnected with conference
participant, again tried to transmit audio (clicked on Push To Talk and
said "Hello"), and this time I noticed that the "Transmitting" button would
not release even long after I had released the mouse control. Again, the
programme quit (without notice), and again the desktop menu went to pieces.
Restarted, repeated, again the same problem. The other conference
participant could make out that I was sending audio, but very choppy. My
"Hello" was not even distinct. Both of us were using default settings (with
the Intel compression).

My Virtual Memory is not turned on, my disk cache is set at 768K. My other
computer, Powerbook 3400c/240 (80MB RAM) is running the same CU-SeeMe
0.87b3 with MacOS 8.0, Open Transport 1.2, MacPPP 2.5, TCP/IP 1.2, built-in
mic, Connectix Color QuickCam (connected to Modem Port), and Apple MC218
Modem Card 33.6. No problem to transmit and receive video, audio, chat.
Does this mean that my PPC7200/90 is not powerful enough? Or is there some
adjustment which I must make to enable sound transmission?

Would appreciate any insights into this, so that I too may join the ranks
of CU-SeeMe users. TIA--Das Chan