386 & 486 CUSM Settings

Pastor Chris M. Farmer (cfarmer@nwkansas.com)
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:33:49 -0800

Jason Williams wrote:
> At the time of my 386, I was using the Cornell 0.84b7 version (Any WP
> version was horribly slow).
> Min send = 10
> Max send = 20
> Min receive = 10
> Max receive = 28
> Using the Delta-mod 16kbps codec set to 100ms delay..Just pause your local
> vid making sure the send cap is up around 18-20 or so. Also close all
> other vids you might be receiving (using WP 2.X versions, this means hit
> close all a few times). Then just click push to talk and have fun :)
> My setup at the time: 386-40 8 megs RAM, Connectix Quickcam, Advanced
> Gravis Ultrasound full duplex sound card with a $10 mic from Radio Shack I
> believe (it's an old mic)

Jason, I tried your settings and they seemed to work pretty good with
the people I talked with. We are all using various 486 overdrives
(85-133 mhz) and about 16-32 ram and various sound cards and microphones
(no capture cards)and all are using b\w parallel port Connectix
refurbished Quickcams and all modems are 33.6 connecting to the local
internet providers (no lans). The CUSM is Cornell 0.84b7 on win 3.11
and win 95 operating systems. I appreciated your help! 8)

Now, I'm going to give Mark Andrew Nassy's settings a try! 8)

Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:

> quickcam grayscale camera
> no capture card
> cuseeme 0.84b7
> max send 28
> min send 10
> max recieve 40
> min rec 10
> delta mod 16, 100ms
> trumpet winsock
> maxmtu 576
> rwin 2400
> ethernet
> the soundcard i dont know the make, or model. it isnt soundblaster and it
> is duplex.
> mike: a radioshack $30.00 mike.
> and a ram drive. i copied cuseeme to the ram drive and ran it from there.
> i dont know if it makes a difference but i trashed any dos or windows files
> i didnt need or use. it was a minimal system. i also just run cuseeme. no
> background applications or daemons.
> i think the 3 things that helped me the most were:
> ram drive,
> just running cuseeme
> and using ethernet (im guessing it reduced the work it would have to do if
> i used a modem).