Re: [Fwd: NT and Capture cards]

Daniel Wasko (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 20:06:23 -0800

Hi-I am having poor picture quality with CU-SEEME. I am using a SonyHi-8
Cam with the latest Cu on a Centris 650 Mac (Spigot II Tape card
installed). 48MB of RAM. The picture is always fuzzy and unresolved,
static spray sorta thing. I change my monitors from thousands of colors
to grays and have tried different combos with that area. Also Cu won't
read signal from S-video, and I can't see color senders, nor is my image
in color. Finally got a better image-sort of-by switching the white
balance on cam to "outside" setting - this made me think that the prob
was the info from cam (i.e. color) did not compute through the cuseeme
software, maybe too much signal? or is it because my mac processor 25mhz
is too slow - I can save homemade movies in Adobe Premiere, so shouldn't
cuseeme work better. HELP-THX