Mac Built in Video

Jonathan Crellin (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 16:50:31 +0000

Hi Folks,

I've used CU for a long time on a Performa 630, but when I upgraded
my Mac to a 5500/225, OS7.55 in the summer I discovered that current
versions of CU were not working with the new built in digitiser, I
used a QuickCam for a while. However in early November this list
pointed me to the CPU specific (software) upgrade at Apple. I
installed it and it CU once again worked with the built in (well the
free version and WhitePine 2.x, the preview of 3.1 didn't work, but I
was still much happier). I did have to do quite a bit of extension
shuffling to get it working with any stability. Alas my Mac
developed a hardware fault (unrelated I'm sure to CU), since I've had
it back I have never been able to persuade it to work with the built
in digitiser, although the combination of system software doesnt
appear to be any different.

Eventually I tried doing a system rebuild (there was some evidence
that some system files had been corrupted). This didn't have any
effect on the built in digitiser. However I now found that enhanced
CU 3.1 wouldn't work properly. It appeared to load OK, but would
never connect. Other versions of CU work OK. I replaced my new
system with the copy I'd made before the rebuild, and 3.1 worked
properly again. It does appear to be an extension thats causing the
problem, but without doing a full search I have not yet identified
the culprit.

So I'm back where I started from. If I get a chance I'll try and
identify the awkard extension. Any ideas anyone? (on either problem)

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