re: Problem With My CuSeeMe

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 03:42:26 -0500

CU-SEEME-L Digest 1405

6) Problem With My CuSeeMe
by Charles Clark <>

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> From: Charles Clark <>
> Subject: Problem With My CuSeeMe

> I have been using CuSeeMe on my power mac for a grad. class I am taking.
> Approximately 2 weeks ago I tried to open the program and received the
> following message: SNDNEWCHANNEL err=-108. I have tried many things
> to fix this problem, including trashing and re-downloading the program,
> dumping the preferences, etc. I still get this message when I click on

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i had this problem b4 a long time ago. i dont quite recall what set up i
used at the time or what i did to solve it but here r a few suggestions:

upgrade ur geoport telecom adapter software (if ur using an adapter) to
version 3.x
upgrade ur cuseeme to version 087b4 if available or 0.87b3
upgrade ur macos to 7.6.x if possible or 7.5.x. if ur using macos 8 upgrade
to 8.1.
trouble shoot ur extensions and control panels.

good luck.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>