Re: Am I the only one not able to send out audio?

Chris Silverberg (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 11:13:31 -0500

At 5:55 AM -0500 on 2/14/98, Diane Marie Chan wrote:

> Whether I use PTT or Transmitting mode with echo reduction, it crashes.
> Using A-mod compression, immediately crashes. Using Intel compression, it
> also crashes, albeit after a few successful attempts. I do not have this
> same problem with the Powerbook.
> Now I am beginning to wonder whether it is a hardware problem/limitation
> with my CPU, afterall. All other features of CU-SeeMe are working
> beautifully--but the audio is important to me. So I'm back to square one.
> If it's a bandwidth problem, will a higher-speed modem help? Any other
> ideas?--Das Chan

This is NOT a bandwidth problem. It's also not a memory issue, you were
able to rule that out quite well. Low bandwidth will cause poor audio, but
not a system crash. I'd be interested in looking at your system folder
configuration in more detail...

If you have "Apple System Profiler" under your Apple menu, select that,
then select "Create Report" and select all options except 'Applications'.
Then email the results to me... I certainly can't promise anything, but i'm
just looking for something that may be out of date or a potential conflict
with audio input.


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