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Pastor Chris M. Farmer (cfarmer@nwkansas.com)
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:12:22 -0800

Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:

> quickcam grayscale camera
> no capture card
> cuseeme 0.84b7
> max send 28
> min send 10
> max recieve 40
> min rec 10
> delta mod 16, 100ms
> trumpet winsock
> maxmtu 576
> rwin 2400
> ethernet
> the soundcard i dont know the make, or model. it isnt soundblaster and it
> is duplex.
> mike: a radioshack $30.00 mike.
> and a ram drive. i copied cuseeme to the ram drive and ran it from there.
> i dont know if it makes a difference but i trashed any dos or windows files
> i didnt need or use. it was a minimal system. i also just run cuseeme. no
> background applications or daemons.
> i think the 3 things that helped me the most were:
> ram drive,
> just running cuseeme
> and using ethernet (im guessing it reduced the work it would have to do if
> i used a modem).

I'm not on ethernet but did change the mtu to 1500 and that seemed to
help. CUSM ran good but not as well for my system with 28 send and 40
receive. :( Settings at 20 send and 28 receive worked a little better
for some reason? Would a ramdrive improve performance with a 486
overdrive (83 mhz?) CPU?

I think the audio when I'm connected with my wife is not always good?
Or is it my hearing? <bwg> Actually if I reconnect with the IP often
the audio will be great!