Re: Reflector Scanner

Jason Williams (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:35:41 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Andrew Clarke wrote:
> Apart from it being incredibly funny, this little tale should point out
> to people that asking permission for something is a good idea.

I agree :) Which is the main reason why you can't scan more refs on my
scanner. Yes, I've gotten some mail about it when I switched ( I used to
scan ALL refs I could as well). But hey, be glad you can scan ANY refs :)

> Try the 'refer' command too, it's fun (and my pages are at number 3 I
> believe, so I must be doing something right) :)

Actually that's and're pages are still way up there :)

It's nice to know who is linking to it :) It's also nice having the
ability to control which pages link to it :)

> Don't forget to mention that you also have a "don't add" list so people
> like won't go postal at you if someone tried to get their private ref on
> the list :)

Yeah...forgot about that...The list of private refs that can't be added is
continuing to grow. Since there usually aren't that many refs added, I
can usually move them to the private ref list within a day of it being

The odd thing about it I'm getting REQUESTS to add private
reflectors to the list. It seems they want me to advertise their URL even
though they don't allow the non-paying public to connect to their

> <sarcasm> White Pine do stuff? Never!

They just surprised me the other day. They actually UPDATED their page.
I had to go look outside to see if hell froze over :)
Thanks WP :) Now..about that "Video Chat Directory" :) and the link to
the scanner in the Mac 3.1 readme pages is till malformed..

> Well apart from removing 2.1.2 from
> their pages so I have to resort to offering people links to ftp search
> engines to locate 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 for them to use if they can't stand 3.1

To make that easier, I uploaded 2.1.2 to Bill Woodland's ftp server..

I've been sending people there in WP's absence.

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