Re: quickcam and snappy & printer

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Sat, 14 Feb 1998 20:09:48 -0500

I've had a Snappy, BW Quikcam, printer and parallel input scanner hooked =
to a 4 position switchbix (about $24 at CompUSA a year ago) and haven't h=
any problem.
Just have to remember to switch among the scanner, QC and Snappy ports
before running the software for each. Uh, suppose for a scatterbran like=
that could be a problem. LOL. Anyway, it has worked for me, so it will w=
for smart people too. :-)

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Date: Saturday, February 14, 1998 7:45 PM
Subject: quickcam and snappy & printer

>I have a Win95 system with a quickcam B&W together with a printer hooked
>to a A/B switch box. It works great. Never had a problem.
>What I want to get is the new snappy for $99 but do any of you think it
>will cause a problem with my 2 current parallels right now?
>How would I plug in the snappy device? Thanks all
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