Snappy and Parallel

Kevin Lawless (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 18:27:02 +0000

You wrote...

>I have a Win95 system with a quickcam B&W together with a printer hooked
>to a A/B switch box. It works great. Never had a problem.
>What I want to get is the new snappy for $99 but do any of you think it
>will cause a problem with my 2 current parallels right now?

>How would I plug in the snappy device? Thanks all

I too run a b/w QC via parallel ports along with a stack of other parallel
peripherals..a zip drive, shark drive, scanner, printer and tape drive!
Certain peripherals allow you to 'port' through them, typically things like
zip drives. Printers do not and neither the snappy card as the 'chain'
terminates with the camera. I think you will need an extra parallel port.
Purists might object to the term 'chain' in this context but these parallel
port devices do invoke a soft scsi. Data switch boxes will not probably not
work with the snappy card
as IRQs no doubt have to be assigned.

Does your system allow you to fit an extra ISA card? Most desktops will
allow you to do this. What you require is an ISA input/output card. They
are very cheap, approx 20 pounds sterling. They offer an extra parallel
port, a couple of serial ports and sometimes a hard drive controller. If
you fit this your system will then have two parallel ports and you can use
the snappy on one of them, and onto the snappy you plug your colour video

One bit of advice, what is your system? Upgrading to a colour video input
might be a poor choice if your cpu is not very fast. It will have to deal
with 3 times the amount of data from a colour vid. I have a 486 133Mhz and
that's excellent for B/W. I think colour would slow it down cosiderably.

Hope this helps,