Re: Reflector Scanner

Jason Williams (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 14:22:04 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Si Ballenger wrote:
> The word from the non-paying public (maybe only one) is to drop the private
> refs from the list, or just have a seperate list for them.

Actually, the point was...I don't HAVE any private refs in the list...I
try to go through the list of active refs and connect to each one so I
know it's still open to the public. If it's not, it gets moved to the
private ref list. The scanner is for the public to use, not for pay refs
to try and solicit users from a web page that they want me to advertise.

(I'm also part of the non-paying public if you can't tell) :)

> If you are getting $$$ from them to help keep the scanner in operation,
> then I can understand having them.

Actually, I can't solicit money the way things work now. The university
will gladly get rid of me if I do that. But I'm also looking for a place
to move the scanner since, after I graduate in May, the account may vanish
that it's on.

> It is a bit annoying looking for new refs and to keep running into
> "private" ones.

I agree..which is why I happily get rid of them from the scanner when I
find them...No one wants to try to connect to a reflector only to be shut
out till you hand over your credit card #.

> If they are private, then the members must certainly already know the IP
> address.

Exactly...The main motivation to them contacting me about including their
reflector(s) in the list was so I can advertise their web page so they can
get new members.

In fact, an interesting note about that...I added support for URLs for
each reflector primarily because a monitor of the SparkyEast (pay -
members only) reflector emailed me about me somehow putting their URL as a
banner on my scanner. I don't do banners :) The scanner itself is already
150K of text so there's no point in adding flashy banners for advertising.

> Then again I can just continue to cut them from the phone book list when
> they appear.

Feel free to email any private reflectors you find in the scanner's list
and I'll happily check them out and remove them. My time has been devoted
to my last semester of school so I haven't kept on top of it as much as
I'd like.

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