Will white pine version 2.0 work with my 6500?

Greg Miller (gmiller@iland.net)
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 20:17:54 -0600

Just wondering if White Pine's Cuseeme 2.0 will work with a Mac 6500?
There website says that the 3.1 is incompatible with the G3 and 6500
built in digitizer. I bought a color quick cam thinking that would
solve my problem. I can now see my video and the cornell v.87.3 works
fine. The only problem with the 3.1 from white pine is that it won't
let me connect with anything. No reflectors or individuals. It goes
through the motions but never connects.

Any advise? Will the 2.0 version work? If so, I'll order it but only
if you're sure that it does. Any help is appreciated.

Greg Miller