Re: Error trying to start for the first time.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 20:26:27 -0600

Tim Hager wrote:

> I've just downloaded the latest Cornell version of CU-SEEME for
> Win95. After I unzip it and try to start it up by double clicking on
> the icon, I get this message:
> Your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to a .DLL file.
> Anybody know what's going on here? I have no camera, I actually wanted to
> checkout what's on NASA TV and that's it. Can anyone help?
> ...Tim
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> Tim Hager
> New Milford, CT
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You probably have multiple Winsock.dll's. Do a search and delete all but one.
In Windows 95, the dialler will put a 32 bit version in the \windows\system
directory called wsock32.dll. In this case there should be no winsock.dll file
at all. They can be found in either the windows or the system directory for
the most part. If you are not sure whether this is wise, try renaming them

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