Re: Reflector Scanner

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 23:32:02 -0600


I'm so used to typing for my REFLECTOR that I did it again!

The forrect address for my ftp site is as Streak had

At 10:18 PM 2/16/98 -0600, Bill Woodland wrote:
>At 06:35 PM 2/14/98 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>>> Well apart from removing 2.1.2 from
>>> their pages so I have to resort to offering people links to ftp search
>>> engines to locate 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 for them to use if they can't stand=
>>To make that easier, I uploaded 2.1.2 to Bill Woodland's ftp server..
>>I've been sending people there in WP's absence.
>Without my permission? :)
>That's what th eincoming directory is for. Anyone out there that has a
>file that others may need is welcome to upload to that directory. The
>EASIEST way to FTP is to use Netscape, go to and then
>drag the file from Windows Explorer right into Netscape. Netscape says "Do
>you wish to upload these files?" Darn right I do :)
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Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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