Unsupported video capture setting

TOM (shashawin@one.net.au)
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:47:20 +1000

Hi all,
I'm running a Kodak DVC300 USB video camera on my system. WIN95 OS.
When I call up the Cu-Seeme prog I get "Unsupported video capture setting".
When I click on OK the prog comes up & I get an image in the preview window
but none in my name's window, just a white blank.
The statement "Unsupported video capture setting " is self explanatory but
I am
confused as to why if my video system is not supported how come I get an ok
image in my preview window ?
Is there any chance of somehow resolving my problem as I do wish to
with others and not sit in the background & condemned to be disdainfully
regarded as a
"LURKER". Ah ! The shame ! The shame !
Tom A