Re: AmeriCorps: Software review

Gary Dietz (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 09:44:11 -0500


This is a *huge* question, and a hot (although off-topic for this list)

The Global Schoolhouse ( and its edu listservs may be a
good place to start, subscribe, and ask questions. Also, the White Pine
Distance Learning Resource Center ( has
"lists of lists" of educational organizations.

I don't know what state you are in, but San Diego County Dept of Education
has a technology education lab that shows *all* approved software for the
schools. I'm sure other states may have similar resources.

Also, there are many web pages that review software. I believe Classroom
Connect has such a site. There are *many* others.

Dontcha wish there were "one-stop-shopping" for educational software?



At 06:33 AM 2/18/98 -0600, wrote:
>I am looking to help my school district get organized. What we have is
>chaos in the selection of software. The teachers tech group has no idea
>if they are getting what they need from a catalog description of an
>educational program - nor how difficult it may be to learn to use.
>I am hoping to find a source of peer review or professional review of any
>program the tech committee might make. This might be through the Dept of
>ED, NASA, or any other organization that they could submit their request
>for more information to, and who would give them a timely opinion.
>So please ask around when you are at a school next and see if your school
>district may know of such a service.
>Thanks a bunch,
>Bill Hoge
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