Some general observations

Wayne Fisher (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 14:45:22 +0000

Funny, but it seems as if I may be one of the few people on this
listserv who actually LIKE White Pine's CUSeeMe version 3.x. With 3.x,
White Pine has added smoother and faster video based upon newer and
improved codes, enhanced audio, and better support for color. Granted,
the interface is a little different and takes some getting used to, but
I actually like it.... but, I would like to be able to float the windows
as was available in version 2.x. And, not, I do NOT work for White
Pine... I'm just tired of seeing their excellent procut getting bashed
on this listserv.... granted, it does take some additional system
resources, but these days, so do MOST upgraded products. C'mon guys....
give the people at White Pine Some credit.... their customer support has
always helped me when I needed it, and yes, I am a registered user of
both 2.x AND 3.x - and, altho the Cornell version may be quick, the
enhancements which White Pine added only improve the product FOR ME
(color, improved audio, whiteboard capability, private chat, enhanced
phone books, etc.)

Just my own humble opinions... if you MUST flame me, please do so in a
private email... no sense wasting bandwidth....

- Wayne