CU Suggestions - Was: Some general observations

Gary Dietz (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 14:03:05 -0500

>WP has heard all the version 2.x to 3.x change complaints at least a
>couple of dozen times. Hopefully, they have listened and will take some
>of these to heart when creating version 4.x. Perhaps they will ask a few
>old timers to assist with alpha testing 4.x as well as beta testing.

On this note - what are your suggestions for future releases from White
Pine? It is pretty easy to bemoan the past and bedevil hardworking
Americans (Canadians, Swiss, Germans, Japanese, and French -- to get all
the WP nationalities represented). Almost anyone can bemoan the past! Its

But it is a bit harder (and more of a challenge) to make the future a
better place. It is especially hard to take 10**5 suggestions and create a
product to make all people happy, and keep a public company growing and
feeding the families of its employees and stockholders.

That being said...

A good place to make your White Pine CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint Future.X
suggestions is to e-mail:

- MeetingPoint:
- CU-SeeMe:

You can also CC: me ( if you like. Please note that a
suggestion does not imply a future change or even an admission into a
future alpha / beta program.

I'm also your man for the ClassPoint distance learning product. Oops, did
I just pre-announce something again? Heh heh.

Warm regards,


P.S. And no, I'm not mad at Streak and Squeek. I actually like them,
especially when they are providing helpful information to people instead of
fomenting flames.