Re: Some general observations

Scott Breseke (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 16:19:13 -0800

I agree with all that Wayne has said.........

1) White Pine does not deserve to be bashed. They've done great work.

2) You *can* float the vid windows on v3.1 as like v2.1.1.

3) All should *pay* for the White Pine version to give credit where credit
is due. To do otherwise just creates bad karma for you. What goes around
comes around.

.....and I don't work for White Pine either, except to beta test for them
sometimes (like Wayne)...........

This is a great mailing list. Sometimes even it's funny when all those guys
don't know how to unsubscribe even after seeing the instructions posted so
much. :-)

Cya in cyberspace,