Re: Some general observations

Jason Williams (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:23:21 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Wayne Fisher wrote:
> Version 2.1.2 was simply a bug fix release for users of a specific Kodak
> camera. This release was only meant to be an interim release until
> version 3.x was formally released. If you do not have the Kodak camera,
> you should have no use for v2.1.2. All bug fixes contained in v2.1.2
> are also contained in v3.1. And, you are are not using the Kodak cam,
> v2.1.1 should work fine for you.

Ahh..but White Pine missed the idea that a large number of people PREFER
2.1.X over 3.X. I know a lot of people that will happily pay for 2.1.X.

>From Brian Godette's message earlier:
"The point about 2.1.2 is that there were actually a couple of bugs fixed
in it (notably chat-recovery) over 2.1.1, and it happens to crash somewhat

I used it to fix a bug in the inverse video option in the preferences.
3.X may fix it, but 2.1.1 doesn't.

> Please don't misunderstand me... I do not work for White Pine, but I am
> a beta tester for them... and all of my dealings with them have been
> excellent...

My dealings have, for the most part, been pleasant too from being a beta
tester. That doesn't mean I agree with their decisions about their
client though :)

> I'm happy using White Pine's products over the freeware version Cornell
> provides, and given White Pine's client base, many other people are too.

Like I said in an earlier message, use whatever works for you. If 2.1.2
does crash less than 2.1.1, then those people CAN'T "use whatever works
for them". I've been led to believe that White Pine's client base
consisted of primarily people in the working world using it on their LANs,
universities for distance learning, etc. Perhaps my vision is a bit
skewed though.

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