Re: Phone Book in CU 3.1

Jason Williams (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 00:05:15 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Joe wrote:
> I there a phone book file that can be edited in CU 3.1? I know that in CU
> 2.11 there was a file called "nickname.ini" which held all of the
> reflector locations in the 2.11 phone book.

As far as I know, the phonebook for 3.1 that's used internally is a binary
file that can't be edited directly. I believe it's called "cuseeme.rol"
in the windows directory. What you can do though, is export the
reflectors in the phonebook as a CSV file (File -> Export I believe) then
edit the entries manually and use File -> Import to bring them back in
after you delete the cuseeme.rol file.

It's considerably harder to manage this way, but you can delete reflectors
fairly easily from within CU-SeeMe.

Also keep in mind, due to an "oversight" in 3.1, any conference IDs,
passwords, and rates that you have setup for individual reflectors won't
get transferred with the export and import options. So you might want to
make a note of any special rates, etc for reflectors so you can edit the
entries within CU-SeeMe after you import them.

> What I want to do is import a new phone book to 3.1 and replace the
> existing one. If anyone can help out please let me know.

My reflector scanner
( also gives a good
example at what the format should look like for CSV files.

I just remembered something about 3.1 handling importing of nickname.ini
files from 2.X. So you may be able to directly import your nicknames that
way (File -> Import again).

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