Re: Phone Book in CU 3.1

Wayne Fisher (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 12:52:36 +0000


There is a roundabout way to replaced your Phonebook file in CUSeeMe 3.1.
What you need to do is as follows:

(1) Access the 3.1 Phonebook (this is displayed in the main 3.1 panel when you
boot up CUSeeMe).
(2) In the phonebook itself, select from the dropdown menu the section of the
phonebook which you want to access. Once this section is displayed, you can
delete out entries which you no longer want. To do this, highlight the
reflector entry with your mouse, right click the mouse, and select "Delete".
This will delete the unwanted entry. You must do this for each entry you want
to delete.
(3) You can now import entries from you 2.x Phonebook into your 3.x
phonebook. To do this, click on the File drop down menu in the main CU
window. Make sure that the phonebook section you were working with
previously is still displayed. From the file dropdown menu, select import. A
dialogue box will popup. Somewhere in this box, you will see a selection to
import from the nickname.ini field. Select this box. You will then be asked
to select the nickname.ini field from a browsable window. Select the correct
nickname.ini file, and press OK. The contents of your 2.1 phonebook are now
in 3.1's phonebook.

I hope I walked you through this correctly... I'm at work now, and am trying
to walk you through this by memory.... if this doesn't work, contact me and
I'll walk you through it once I get home.

Hope this helps...

- Wayne

Joe wrote:

> Hi all,
> I there a phone book file that can be edited in CU 3.1? I know that in CU
> 2.11 there was a file called "nickname.ini" which held all of the
> reflector locations in the 2.11 phone book. What I want to do is import a
> new phone book to 3.1 and replace the existing one. If anyone can help out
> please let me know.
> Thanks
> Joe
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> Joe Jadus
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