IP Translation Restriction: Any workarounds?

Simon Lim (simon.L@innosabah.com.my)
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:49:52 +0800

I assume that CU-SeeMe (both the commercial as well as shareware version)
don't work behind a Firewall with network proxy (i.e. IP translation). This
was pointed out in WhitePines' tech support web page, therefore, I assumed
the original doesn't support IP translation as well.

Besides using direct IP addressing (which may introduce security holes to
our LAN), is there any other workarounds?

FYI, I'm experimenting/evaluating the demo versions of WhitePine (3.1) as
well as Cornell's version (0.92b) of the CU-SeeMe client program. We have a
leased-line Internet connection with our local ISP. I plan to use CU-SeeMe
within my company as well as correspond to the outside world over the

Simon Lim