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Jason Williams (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 13:48:03 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Allison C Hawco wrote:
> I am wondering if someone could briefly explain the difference between
> MS Netmeeting and CU-Seeme. I believe MS doesn't support multiple
> conferencing , but as I said I am a newbie! : )

Netmeeting, Netscape, Internet Phone, etc all are point to point
videoconferencing programs. CU-SeeMe is multipoint with the use of a
reflector (or as White Pine likes to put it.. "video chat server"). While
other programs attempt to provide some sort of switching between multiple
users, it doesn't provide true multipoint conferencing. You can only see
one person at a time. This all is changing with MeetingPoint, but it has
a long way to go.

I heard rumors of a multipoint version of Netmeeting..but I dunno what
happened to them.

Netmeeting provides color vids for free...To do any sort of color with
CU-SeeMe requires the Enhanced version ($69).

NetMeeting, Internet Phone, and most others provide a means of finding
people with the use of a directory server. The directory server is
directly tied into the program. For CU-SeeMe, you find various people on
reflectors to talk to all at once. I don't really care for the other
directory server approaches because it doesn't allow the spontenaity that
occurs with meeting new and different people on reflectors with CU-SeeMe.
You have to "invade" in order to make contact.

The directory server approach is great if you're trying to meet someone in
particular and you setup a time to meet...but it's also quite annoying to
deal with unknown people trying to connect to you. With CU-SeeMe and
reflectors, it's much easier to meet people without having to evade
someone's connection to try and interrupt them. (Which is one reason why
I also like iVisit's idea of conferences to join).

Just my opinion though :)

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