Re: IP Translation Restriction: Any workarounds?

Brian Godette (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:43:46 -0700

At 02:49 PM 2/23/98 +0800, you wrote:
>I assume that CU-SeeMe (both the commercial as well as shareware version)
>don't work behind a Firewall with network proxy (i.e. IP translation). This
>was pointed out in WhitePines' tech support web page, therefore, I assumed
>the original doesn't support IP translation as well.
>Besides using direct IP addressing (which may introduce security holes to
>our LAN), is there any other workarounds?

Simple answer, no.

Not even the IP masquarding in the current Linux kernel has it right (comes
REAL close), they just have to spoof to source IP address on inbound
(outside->inside) packets to get it to work as both the current Cornell and
WP (2.0 and up) versions ignore packets from sources other than the one
it's supposibly connected to.

>FYI, I'm experimenting/evaluating the demo versions of WhitePine (3.1) as
>well as Cornell's version (0.92b) of the CU-SeeMe client program. We have a
>leased-line Internet connection with our local ISP. I plan to use CU-SeeMe
>within my company as well as correspond to the outside world over the
>Simon Lim