Re: Some general observations and 3.1 issues.

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:34:43 -0500

>> Really? And you base that statement on what? An understanding of the
>>CU-SeeMe protocol? An understanding of the source code from Cornell? Some
>>understanding of the source code from White Pine? Your experiences working
>>as a professional engineer and handling code that is at least 3 generations
>> I'd be interested to know...
>Ummmm, no comment, I'll let you find out with everyone else. :)

Good luck...
Can't wait to see the client app. when it becomes available :)

.....paranoid ranting deleted.......

Yep it's a conspiracy...we're out to get Cornell CU-SeeMe client
users.....we spend massive hours just coming up with ways to screw them's bigger than that....remember JFK and Dallas? Well it was a
White Pine employee on the knoll....and I didn't want to say this, but we
know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried..uh's true....and remember those
lights in the sky over Phoenix? Yep it was us again...

Balloons and lollipops,


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