Re: Some general observations and 3.1 issues.

Brian Godette (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 14:55:54 -0700

At 03:34 PM 2/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>> Really? And you base that statement on what? An understanding of the
>>>CU-SeeMe protocol? An understanding of the source code from Cornell? Some
>>>understanding of the source code from White Pine? Your experiences working
>>>as a professional engineer and handling code that is at least 3 generations
>>> I'd be interested to know...
>>Ummmm, no comment, I'll let you find out with everyone else. :)
>Good luck...
>Can't wait to see the client app. when it becomes available :)

Who said anything about a client app??? :) I'll leaving that for others
unless I get really bored. Tho I am writting a tiny "client" for a couple
of people who have need of it, just a simple unix app that'll take a couple
of nights to knock off.

>.....paranoid ranting deleted.......
>Yep it's a conspiracy...we're out to get Cornell CU-SeeMe client
>users.....we spend massive hours just coming up with ways to screw them
>'s bigger than that....remember JFK and Dallas? Well it was a
>White Pine employee on the knoll....and I didn't want to say this, but we
>know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried..uh's true....and remember those
>lights in the sky over Phoenix? Yep it was us again...
>Balloons and lollipops,

I was willing to ignore the first one as incompetence, but this second one
is beyond belief. And where did I ever say this was a conspiracy? It
happens to be a common practice with some notable software companies
(Microsoft amongst others). Perhaps you live in a vaccume and simply aren't
aware of this, or haven't been programming for long enough to have seen it
happen time and again.

If you can explain why it was decided to send video over aux as
client-to-client, instead of over vid as client-to-client, and why suddenly, from, stopped sending EOF packets for B&W, by
all means lets hear them.

But with all I know from rewritting the old Cornell reflector (and fixing
WP client bugs in the process), examinging packet captures, I can't come up
with any valid reason for it other than to cause problems with prior
versions of the client. I sometimes even wonder if you guys even look at
what the client is sending. If you did a whole slew of "protocol bugs",
like no-close, chat recovery and others, would have been fixed ages ago.