Nuking and port sniffers

d.morel (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:49:04 -0500

Hi there fellow CUers,
I am wondering if any of you ref operators have a good solution for port
sniffers to use on an NT box.. I have all the patches in place, so I am
protected, yet I would be interested in knowing who is trying to nuke my
server.. I have tried one or two, Nuke Nabber in particular caused
trouble with the machine, it would run the CPU usage up like crazy
trying to write "reports" and would also grab IP's of people that were
trying to reconnect to the ref after some problme on their end. (this I
must admit caused an embarassing moment when I fired a nasty E-mail to
one of the semi regulars on the ref, and later discovered it was a flaw
in nuke nabber, rather then a nuke attempt)
So If anyone is using a particular program with success, perhaps on an
NT w/ service pack 4.0 and MPCS :) I would be happy to hear your
Oh, and I hate the 3.x client for most of the reasons listed in the last
few rounds of WP bashing as well, bbut I must commend them for the work
they have done with MPCS- though it is a tad (OK a LOT) pricey..
Thanks gang,
(the el reflector)
David Morel

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