Re: Vicom Gateway (Macintosh)

Simon Hayes (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 12:51:54 -0800

I'm having the same problem with a similar product: IPnetRouter.

Both of these products set up multi-homing on a mac, so that a small
network (2 macs) can both be online at the same time using the same IP
number/modem etc. They do this by making the PPP connection be a software
router and assigning dummy IP numbers to each mac, and routing packets
between them (I think, basically, roughly, anyway).

The problem also accurs for me with Fetch, or any program which needs to
send *to the server* the IP number of the machine it is on. It is simply
sending it's dummy assigned number, rather than the gateway or true number,
I'm pretty sure. Most reflectors are simply 'not found', while others
report an error: "The IP number you are using is not valid, try restarting
cu-seeme", which is what leads me to this conclusion. Of course, it never
will be valid because it is using a dummy (though not dynamic) IP number
from the 198 range, which is reserved for internal networks.

Is there any way to solve this in cu-seeme? Perhaps with resedit?
Otherwise I think the only way to solve it might be to wait for a version
which allows you to specify the ip number cu-seeme sends to the server, or
wait for some kind of revision or hack to these multi-homing products. I
imagine that these products and this situation (where home or small
business user wants more than one pc on line at a time) will become more
and more popular. This problem may also extend to other hardware solutions
like the "internet station" and other low-cost routers, I'm not sure.

Any guidance or information would be most appreciated.


At 2:09 PM +0100 2/26/98, Stephane Loquet wrote:
>Hello, i'm trying to make CuSeeMe work behind my gateway but it doesn't
>I'm very sad.
>Is there a solution?
>Each time i connect to a reflector all i got is "no response" but i know
>the ref is online ;-(

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