Re: CuseeMe on a LAN?

George M Bean (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 08:58:32 -0500

Joe wrote:
> Hi,
> Wondering if it is possible to use Cuseeme via a home LAN. I have two PCs
> in different rooms both with Quickcams and connected via networking cards.
> It would be useful to be able to communicate within the home using these
> two cameras. If anyone has accomplished this please let me know. I think
> that this is possible with NetMeeting but I would like to try it with Cuseeme.
> Thanks
> Joe
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> Joe Jadus
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If you have individual IP addresses for each workstation you can connect
across any LAN. If you don't have addresses assigned to your
workstations, you can safely choose ones from the following ranges of
private IP addresses. These addresses are usable on a local private
networks but won't be routed by an ISP or backbone network provider to
other Internet devices.

class A thru
class B thru
class C thru

For those of you who are dismayed by your inability to use CU from
behind a proxy server, these are the addresses that are provided to
workstations by most of the proxy servers.

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