Re: CuseeMe on a LAN?

Derald Grimwood (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 07:14:47 -0800

Not only can you do it but I'm doing it with a MAC and a PC networked
together with PCMACLAN. Just make sure both computers are running TCP/IP
protocol and have network addresses.

On Win95, thats Programs/Settings/Control Panel/Networking. Add the TCP/IP
protocol if necessary.

Add an IP address ie. and use the netmask of on both machines.

You'll need to insert your Win95 Install Disks/CD again.

One thing to consider - you'll need to flip-flop your max/min send/receive
rates when you switch between lan and internet conferencing. Obviously
you'll have great bandwidth over your own network.

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From: Joe <>
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Date: Thursday, February 26, 1998 8:22 PM
Subject: CuseeMe on a LAN?

>Wondering if it is possible to use Cuseeme via a home LAN. I have two PCs
>in different rooms both with Quickcams and connected via networking cards.
>It would be useful to be able to communicate within the home using these
>two cameras. If anyone has accomplished this please let me know. I think
>that this is possible with NetMeeting but I would like to try it with
>Joe Jadus